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Alankar 1 based on Raag Kaafi notes | Scale A# | Female | Alankar riyaz

Alankar 1 based on Raag Kaafi notes | Scale A# | Female | Alankar riyaz

By Shripad Limbekar, Ambika Limbekar
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Welcome again to 'sangeet abhyas' free singing lessons. In this lesson, we will do our first alankar with Gandhar (Ga) and Nishadh (Ni) komal, which are raag kaafi notes. The pitch for this lesson is A#, which is suitable for females. If you are a male, watch this lesson Alankar 1 based on Raag Kaafi notes | Scale C# Male instead. Let us see how Ga and Ni komal sound. Watch the video for the demonstration. This is the alankar which we will be practicing in Raag Kafi notes in this lesson: Aaroh (ascending): Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Ṡa Avroh (descending): Ṡa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa We will sing this aaroh and avroh a couple of times slowly to get familiar with the notes. We will sing them in both 'bol' and 'aakar'. Now in the next part of the lesson, we will play this alankar in harmonium for you to sing along and do your riyaz.

Taal is teen taal. BPM is set at 180. We will try to sing every swar for different durations. This is how the practice part of this lesson looks like:

  1. sing every swar/note for 16 matra (beats).
  2. sing every swar/note for 8 matra (beats).
  3. sing every swar/note for 4 matra (beats).
  4. sing every swar/note for 2 matra (beats).
  5. sing every swar/note for 1 matra (beat).
  6. sing every swar/note for 1/2 matra (beat) i.e, 2 swar in 1 matra, also called dugun.

Watch the video for the demonstration and do your riyaz along with it.

To get an understanding of all 12 notes, watch these lessons as well:

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Rakhi Bansal (1 year ago)
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extremely helpful sir... thank you so much... god bless you
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