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Lessons for Hindustani classical, semi-classical, and Filmi singing.

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Welcome to 'sangeet abhyas' free online singing lessons

Welcome to 'sangeet abhyas' singing lessons course. Lessons for Hindustani classical, semi-classical, and Filmi singing. With these lessons you can learn singing online for free. Do you ever wonder how to sing or how to sing better and improve your singing? Then we believe these lessons should help immensely. Through these lessons, we aim to teach singing and share our views about music to our learners from scratch. Even if you are a complete beginner who has never learnt music before, you should be able to understand these lessons and improve your singing if you do your riyaz regularly. These lessons are created by Shripad Limbekar, who has learnt classical under traditional guru-shishya prampara and is an experienced Hindustani classical performer and guru. Music is composed of 12 notes and through this series, we aim to make our learners get familiar with and get better at visualizing and singing these 12 notes. If someone can build this foundation, then learning any genre such as Hindustani classical, semi-classical, light (ghazal, bhajan, thumri), or filmi songs gets way easier. Being able to "see" the notes is what takes time and patience. Hence this series is for singing enthusiasts of all genres such as filmi, semi-classical or light, and Hindustani classical vocals. One of our goals is to make your learning personalized. You can mark a lesson complete when you are done with it. You can filter to see only the pending lessons. You can also filter lessons according to the gender of the learner. You can also pin a lesson to the top so that you can access it easily to do your riyaz. We are adding and improving more lessons and features all the time. Do let us know in the comments about any suggestions or feedback. You can also contact us and share your views (contact details at the bottom of this page). If you like the lessons, do share them with your friends and family, so that they can also benefit from these lessons. Getting your love and support will also motivate us to keep creating new lessons. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your music learning journey.

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