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Basic Alankar 1 based on Raag Kaafi | Scale C# | Male | Alankar riyaz

Basic Alankar 1 based on Raag Kaafi | Scale C# | Male | Alankar riyaz

By Shripad Limbekar
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We are learning Alankar-1. In the previous lesson, we learnt how to do this Alankar-1 using shuddha swar (natural notes), along with taal/beats.

This lesson is in C# scale which is suitable for males. If you are a female, watch this lesson Alankar 1 based on Raag Kaafi | Scale A# Female instead. In this lesson, we will do the same alankar with Ga and Ni komal (raag kaafi notes). This lesson should help you understand how komal Ga and komal Ni sound. Alankar 1: Aaroh (ascending): Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Ṡa Avroh (descending): Ṡa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa BPM set for taal is 180 bpm. Try to listen to the beat a couple of times, so that the taal gets registered in your head, and singing along with it gets easier.

In this lesson, here is how we will practice:

  1. sing every swar/note for 16 matra (beats).
  2. sing every swar/note for 8 matra (beats).
  3. sing every swar/note for 4 matra (beats).
  4. sing every swar/note for 2 matra (beats).
  5. sing every swar/note for 1 matra (beat).
  6. sing every swar/note for 1/2 matra (beat) i.e, 2 swar in 1 matra, also called dugun.

Do take deep breaths whenever necessary. When your sur has improved in slower speeds, then only try in dugun. Watch the video for the demonstration of this alankar and do your riyaz along with this video.

To get an understanding of all 12 notes, watch these lessons as well:

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Amar Yadav (1 year ago)
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I have no words to thank you.. simply amazing ❣️
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