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Alankar 3 | SaReGa ReGaMa GaMaPa | Scale C# | Male | Alankar riyaz

Alankar 3 | SaReGa ReGaMa GaMaPa | Scale C# | Male | Alankar riyaz

By Shripad Limbekar
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In this lesson we will learn alankar 3:

  • Aaroha (ascending): SaReGa ReGaMa GaMaPa MaPaDha PaDhaNi DhaNiṠa
  • Avroha (descending): ṠaNiDha NiDhaPa DhaPaMa PaMaGa MaGaRe GaReSa

This alankar is based on natural notes (shuddha swar). This lesson is in scale C#, which is suitable for males. We will upload a separate lesson for the female scale soon. Meanwhile, ladies can learn the notes from this video and then practice in their own scale. This alankar has grouping of three notes eg SaReGa, ReGaMa. We will practice this alankar with Dadra taal. Dadra taal has 6 beats (matra) and is divided in two parts of 3 beats each. Hence is suited to practice this alankar. Bol of Dadra taal is: || Dha Dhi Na | Dha Ti Na || 1st beat is sam. 4th beat is khaali. We will do this lesson in 180 bpm.

This is part of our series of our alankar 1 to 5. Watch the alankar 1 lesson here. Watch the alankar 2 lesson here.

This is how the lesson will progress:

  1. sing every swar/note for 1 matra (beat).
  2. sing every swar/note for 1/2 matra (beat) i.e, 2 swar in 1 matra, also called dugun.

Being in sur is more important than being able to sing faster. So stay focused while doing your riyaz.

If you want to learn singing in detailed way with guidance, you can join our online singing classes.

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