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Alankar 2 | SaRe ReGa GaMa MaPa | Scale C# | Male | Alankar riyaz

Alankar 2 | SaRe ReGa GaMa MaPa | Scale C# | Male | Alankar riyaz

By Shripad Limbekar
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Lesson description

In this lesson we will learn and do riyaz of alankar 2. The alankar is:

  • Aaroha (ascending): SaRe ReGa GaMa MaPa PaDha DhaNi NiṠa
  • Avroha (descending): ṠaNi NiDha DhaPa PaMa MaGa GaRe ReSa

This alankar is based on natural notes (shuddha swar). This lesson is in scale C#, which is suitable for males. We will upload a separate lesson for the female scale soon. Meanwhile, ladies can learn the notes from this video and then practice in your own scale.

This is part of our series of our alankar 1 to 5. You can watch the alankar 1 lesson here. In this alankar please note that the next note always starts from the previous note. For eg in part 'SaRe ReGa', 'ReGa' starts after Re of 'SaRe'. So we should try to focus on maintaining this pattern while practicing this alankar, which will help in understanding the position of notes better. This is how the lesson will progress:

  1. sing every swar/note for 2 matra (beats).
  2. sing every swar/note for 1 matra (beat).
  3. sing every swar/note for 1/2 matra (beat) i.e, 2 swar in 1 matra, also called dugun.

Singing fast in dugun can be difficult in the beginning. If you are facing difficulty in singing faster tempo, you can first try to get one part right. For eg, sing 'SaRe' multiple times while focusing on each swar. Then gradually move to 'ReGa' and so on. Be patient and try to get the swars right. Watch the video lesson above for the demonstration. You can also try to sing one part (eg 'SaRe') multiple times in 1 breath for as long as you can. Being in sur is more important than being able to sing faster. So stay focused while doing your riyaz.

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